POP-UP #2 @ sOUTHERN cRESCENT gALLERY AND bar / October 16th 2018 •••

Pop-Up #3 @ Kitchen / February 26th 2019

Jamileh and KhadijaH prepared delicious Afghani food for pop-up #2 and will be cooking for upcoming pop-Up #3. Both have experience in the food industry and are currently continuing to pursue an education in Charlottesville. Jamileh and khadijah expressed how much they enjoyed sharing their cuisine and welcome the opportunity to cook or cater for special events.

COntact Jamileh and Khadijah



POP-UP#1 @ sOUTHERN cRESCENT gALLERY AND bar / may 1st 2018

Heba and Nsreen Ghazoul arrived in Charlottesville over one year ago from Homs, Syria. The two chefs are Sister-in-laws and have developed a following in Charlottesville, with community members frequently requesting their cooking at special events. They have shared their appreciation of how welcoming Charlottesville has been, and are thrilled with the popularity of their cuisine here.

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